Please remember our seating guidelines:

  • Tables are limited to no more than 8 people to a table
  • You will be assigned a table when you check in. We use an online randomizer to assign tables
  • Our members love the way we are being seated, and having names on the table signs, helps them remember names of those at their table.

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Join the Kibitzers: welcoming everyone back to begin a fun filled new year.
Sunday, September 22,                        Eisenhower Rec Center
6:00 pm .

Bagels, Lox and a smear to welcome back our members and to greet our new members. Then, Karaoke with Bob and Val from Jersey.

$5 per person with paid up membership or $10 at the door
Pay early and save!

Sign up to sing your favorite song when you send in your payment and don’t forget to renew your membership       (Sept 1,2019 – Aug 31, 2020)TVK
333 Colony Blvd
The Villages, Florida 32162


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