TVK meets on the 4th Sunday of each month, except July and August, at Eisenhower Recreation Center at 6pm unless otherwise notified.

Dues are $18 per person if you are new to the club, and $12 per person to renew your membership. That is for the calendar year September to September.

Dues for new members include a permanent name tag.

We don’t officially meet July and August, although some of our small interest groups continue throughout the year.

TVK is a little different from other clubs. Our focus is to meet new people through the club meetings and our “small interest groups”. Although we do have entertainment at some of the meetings, we try to keep the meetings interactive, so everyone gets to be part of the meeting.

The seating at our meetings is random so you may not sit with your friends, but you will sit with “new friends”. Single members will never sit alone, they will always be seated with at least one other single member.

The small interest groups are run outside of the meeting dates.

We have groups like:

Mahjongg, Mexican train, Dining Out, Dessert with friends, Samba, Ladies lunch, Mens breakfast, and many more.

The groups that members really enjoy are:

Dessert with Friends – Our organizer puts together about 8 people (and we are very aware to say people rather than couples, as we have many singles).  A host is chosen and the group comes to his or her home and dessert, wine and cheese, whatever they want to serve. We have been told that many new friendships have been made by this small intimate way of meeting with each other.

Dining out- Our organizer that puts together 8 people and a captain is chosen to help decide the date and place that the group will go out to dinner.

We welcome you to join us!

Wendy   856-265-9276
Sharon 352-430-3931
or email   tvkibitzers@gmail.com

Our Mission Statement

  • To provide a warm and comfortable environment for members to meet and make new friends
  • To plan and organize events and activities for the enjoyment of our members
  • To support diversity, as we welcome and respect all Jews, as well as the non-Jewish partners of our members
  • To provide gateways for learning through hobbies, arts, and celebrations with each other
  • To encourage members to volunteer their time to assist with arranging and organizing events and activities, as involvement builds a sense of community.